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99 Whipped

The 99 Brand is a cheerfully intense explosion of natural fruit flavor. First introduced with 99 Bananas in 1997, the brand now includes Blackberries, Apples, Oranges, Peaches, Black Cherries, Grapes, Watermelons, XXpresso, Whipped and Coconuts.
This 99 proof schnapps is vibrant and bursting with mouthwatering fruit flavors, proof, and intensity.

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Product Specs
ProofSizeUPC CodePETCase Packing (Bottles)Case Weight (Pounds)Cases Per LayerCases Per PalletDescription
99.0100ML00089000993093 4814.289612.012099 Whipped 99 prf 100ML
99.0100ML00089000993093 4814.289614.014099 Whipped 99 prf 100ML
99.050ML00089000993086 12019.75215.07599 Whipped 99 prf 50ML
99.050ML00089000993086 12019.75217.010299 Whipped 99 prf 50ML
99.0750ML00089000993079 1236.200415.07599 Whipped 99 prf 750ML

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