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Ancient Ancient Age

Ancient Ancient Age 10 Star - This 6 year old has flavor to be savored by all bourbon enthusiasts. Marked by its sweetness and heavy rye flavor, it’s an easy bourbon to sip. Ancient Ancient Age 10 Year - Aged for a decade and bottled at 86 proof, this bourbon is a cult classic. Full of subtle flavors, it is perfect for sipping and easy to enjoy by new bourbon drinkers and connoisseurs alike.
Ancient Ancient Age 10 Star -Aromas of oak wood, clover and honey round out the nose. Strong and warm flavors of corn, vanilla and spice. Finishes with a takeaway of caramel and toffee. Ancient Ancient Age 10 Year - A nose of honey, maple, mixed fruits and spice. Rye takes the lead on flavor with subtle licorice and hickory notes along with vanilla and spice. A long, spicy finish that maintains its timeless flavors.

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Product Specs
ProofSizeUPC CodePETCase Packing (Bottles)Case Weight (Pounds)Cases Per LayerCases Per PalletDescription
86.0700ML04904670300261 616.99829.0145AAA Takara 8Yr 86 prf 700ML
90.01.0L00080244007522 1239.1213.052AAA 10 Star 90 prf 1.0L
90.01.75L00080244007515 624.625215.075AAA 10 Star 90 prf 1.75L
90.0375ML00080244007577 2421.950414.084AAA 10 Star 90 prf 375ML
90.0750ML00080244007539 1231.514.070AAA 10 Star 90 prf 750ML

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