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White Dog Whiskey

In Kentucky, buffalo carved a pathway followed by America’s first explorers. Those brave pioneers distilled whiskey using traditional methods and drank it right off the still. They called it White Dog. This raw distillate is clear and un-aged. The taste has a hint of sweet corn, but without the years spent aging in a new oak barrel its potential is not yet realized. Today, Buffalo Trace Distillery is following bourbon’s time-honored traditions and still making whiskey on the spot where the buffalo once crossed the Kentucky River. Enjoy this White Dog the way early Americans did over 200 years ago.

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Product Specs
ProofSizeUPC CodePETCase Packing (Bottles)Case Weight (Pounds)Cases Per LayerCases Per PalletDescription
114.0375ML00088004009472 1222.3814.084White Dog Wheat 114 prf 375ML
121.3375ML00000000000000 1222.3814.084White Dog Tri Pak 121.3 prf 375ML
125.0375ML00088004004521 1222.3814.084White Dog Rye Mash #1 125 prf 375ML
125.0375ML00088004009489 1222.3814.084White Dog Str Rye 125 prf 375ML

2011 Bronze Medal - BTD White Dog Rye Mash #1 - Los Angeles International Wine & Spirits Competition
2011 Bronze Medal - BTD White Dog Rye Mash #1 - San Francisco World Spirits Competition
2011 Enjoyable / Commendable - BTD White Dog Rye Mash #1 - Ultimate Spirits Challenge
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