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Our Old Montréal Distillery has a rich history and is situated near the Old Port. We distill, age and bottle luxury Canadian whiskies as well as other key Sazerac brands. Our recent investments include a new visitor center and guided tours providing new experiences to our thriving tourism industry in our multicultural city.

We support our team members with tuition reimbursement for continuing education and scholarships for their children. We give recognition awards and hold appreciation events. In addition we have a strong internship program with local colleges to help students grow their careers.

With a significant investment in our distilling facility, we are honoring the history of manufacturing in our district. Our story celebrates the titans of the Canadian spirits industry: Seagram and Bronfman. We are actively collaborating with public officials in our borough and partnering with our neighboring industries to encourage increased pride in our neighborhood with its rich craft history and its unique cultural contributions.

Opening for tours September 2020.

Number of Team Members: 100+

Old Montreal Distillery

950 Chemin des Moulins

Montreal, QC H3C 3W5