Old Mr. Boston was originally a distillery located at 1010 Massachusetts Avenue in Boston, Massachusetts. It was founded in the Roxbury, Massachusetts neighborhood of Boston in 1933 by Irwin "Red" Benjamin and Hyman C. Berkowitz. Old Mr. Boston was renowned for its high quality cordials and collectable bottles such as the 1953 Inaugural Bottle and others.

The distillery was a major employer in the Boston area from the 1930's until its closing circa 1986. It experienced a series of owners and name changes over time, dropping "Old" and "Mr." and simply becoming "Boston." Boston joined the Sazerac company family in 2009.

Mr. Boston is also highly recognizable for "The Old Mr. Boston Official Bartender's Guide" a "must have" reference book used by both professionals and home bartenders. First published in 1935 in the early days after the repeal of Prohibition, the guide continues to be the "Cocktail Bible" for cocktail creations.

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