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Sazerac de Forge & Fils - The “Finest Original” Cognac

Experience cognac as it was 200 years ago. Our Sazerac de Forge & Fils is named in honor of our roots. Bernard Sazerac de Forge founded a cognac house in France in 1782. The Sazerac Company recently returned to Cognac and acquired Domaine Sazerac de Segonzac in order to produce our own “Finest Original” cognac. Like Bernard Sazerac de Forge, whose brandies were enjoyed all over the world from the 17th to the 19th centuries, we are bringing fine cognac to the 21st century.

This product is available in limited quantities.

The Rarest Grapes

The Sazerac de Forge & Fils “Finest Original” Cognac blend includes cognacs made from a number of old and rare native grape varieties.  This gives us the unique opportunity to enjoy cognac as it was 150 years ago, prior to the Phylloxera epidemic that forever changed the cognac-making process. Blended with cognacs that have aged between seven and fifty years, our cognac is complex, full of character and inevitably produced in very small quantities. It will be a challenge to find around the world, but well worth the search. 


“As close as possible to the original methods of making cognac”

Clive Carpenter – General Manager of Domaine Sazerac de Segonzac


Rich and floral, it is distinctly creamy in texture, showing hints of exotic spice on the palate, with a long, soft finish and a hint of natural sweetness.

yellow plum isolated with transparent background


The complex aroma is of yellow stone-fruits, dried flowers, citrus peel and warm spice.

Cinnamon sticks and powder, isolated on transparent background


Silky, creamy textures of flavor are of dried fruits, pepper, nutmeg and cinnamon.

Vanilla flower


The finish has soft oaky tannin notes with vanilla and black peppercorn.  

  • Enjoy Sazerac de Forge Cognac in a cocktail to wind down in a quiet hotel bar after a long travel day. Or, after a four-course dinner, retire to the drawing room with a “Finest Original” as conversation becomes relaxed and flowing with increasingly creative ideas.

  • A fine cognac with flavors unique to our Domaine, it pairs well with cheeses, mushrooms or seafood and it is superb at the end of the evening with a taste of chocolate.

  • Sazerac Cognac is a part of the rare and exclusive Legacy de Forge collection.

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“Have to say I have never quite come across a Cognac with this personality before; it is not only different, it makes a grand, sweeping gesture at being different! On the upside are the dramatic outlines of big fruit drifting through the nose and delivery areas. Also, the sheer chutzpah of the spice which is almost three dimensional in its vitality. And the joy of those two forces combining with outstanding tolerance of the other and balance. Hardly a shrinking violet of a Cognac, attractive, silky, sultry and characterful, when so many in the marketplace hide behind a caramel-added curtain and are dullards from the first moment to the last.”

Jim Murray's Whisky Bible

Born in New Orleans in the 1800s, The Sazerac Cocktail®  was first made with a base of French brandy, Sazerac de Forge & Fils, to be precise. Due to the Phylloxera infestation, imported French Cognac became scarce and soon native rye whiskies shipped in barrels down the Mississippi River from the Heartland, became the standard ingredient. Try The Sazerac Cocktail® with our “Finest Original” cognac, for a taste of early New Orleans.

The Sazerac being served on a marble bar top

The Sazerac Cocktail®

What You'll Need

  • 1 cube sugar
  • 1½ ounces (45ml) Sazerac de Forge & Fils Cognac
  • ¼ ounce Herbsaint
  • 3 dashes Peychaud’s Bitters
  • lemon peel


  1. Pack an Old-Fashioned glass with ice
  2. In a second Old-Fashioned glass place the sugar cube and add the Peychaud’s Bitters to it, then crush the sugar cube.
  3. Add the Sazerac de Forge & Fils Cognac to the second glass containing the Peychaud’s Bitters and sugar.
  4. Empty the ice from the first glass and coat the glass with the Herbsaint, then discard the remaining Herbsaint.
  5. Empty the Cognac/bitters/sugar mixture from the second glass into the first glass and garnish with lemon peel.