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Perfection in Vodka

A commitment to quality, the finest hand-selected grains, and a dedication to a small-batch distillation process have created this impeccable vodka.

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A Master Distiller’s Personal Touch

Harlen D. Wheatley and a small team of specialists spent a decade creating the perfect vodka.  A specially designed and constructed series of copper and stainless-steel stills, cookers, and fermenters needed to be made. For the initial bottling, 159, or CLIX in roman numerals, separate distillations were required. While odorless, colorless and tasteless by definition, consumers have debated the unique characteristics of their particular vodka brand for many years. In Creating HDW CLIX, we strove to capture the essence of perfect vodka. 

  • Smooth, subtle, soft, elegant, structured; clean on the nose and palate. 

  • HDW CLIX is contained within a custom, hand-formed, lead free crystal decanter from Nouvel Studio and encased in an elegant, handcrafted burl wood case.

  • Each decanter of HDW CLIX is engraved with a unique batch and bottle number which allows you to register your bottle for additional information. 

  • HDW Clix is a part of the rare and exclusive Legacy de Forge collection.

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“Harlen D. Wheatley, wanted to produce the perfect vodka….the result is perhaps the consummate vodka for cocktails…Light, herbaceous, and gentle, with no alcoholic sting, there is just a touch of citrus and lemon-soaked wood.”

The Robb Report, Host’s Guide, Holiday 2011 


“With more than a decade of production behind this infamous bottle, its subtlety screams elegance in each sip. The limited supply amps up the ante for dedicated vodka enthusiasts, and HDW CLIX doesn’t disappoint – even the bottle is served in an artistic creation designed to flaunt every formidable flavor of this intricately devised alcohol.”

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HDW CLIX is limited to only 2,500 bottles per year.