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Jung & Wulff Trinidad Bottle
Black and whtie Jung & Wulff Guyana Cocktail

Jung & Wulff

The Origins of Luxury Rums

In the 1800s, Caribbean rums made from native sugarcane in Trinidad, Guyana and Barbados were shipped in casks to the Port of New Orleans to quench the thirst of the growing American spirits market.

Jung & Wulff were early importers of rum, distributing it to cafés and bars across New Orleans and beyond. Our impeccable “Origins” luxury rums are a testament to Jung & Wulff for their ongoing quest to acquire fine Caribbean rums for American tastes.

Black and white Jung & Wulff Barbados Cocktail

Celebrating Caribbean Terroir

Terroir is the word that defines the taste of a place. It is the taste of the origins of a rum and of the soil in which the sugarcane is grown. Our Jung & Wulff rums celebrate three influential places: Trinidad, Guyana and Barbados, each playing a crucial role in sugarcane and rum history. Our three expressions, named in honor of these prominent Caribbean locales, exemplify the finest rums in the world. The superb quality of Jung & Wulff “Origins” rums have earned them their revered place in our Legacy de Forge collection.

Jung & Wulff Trinidad Bottle



Jung & Wulff Trinidad is a delightfully flavorful 86-proof, medium-bodied rum. This silky, Trinidadian Rum has been awarded five stars from the acclaimed reviewer F. Paul Pacult. You can relish it neat, on the rocks, or in your favorite rum cocktail.


Tasting Notes

The entry taste gives an impression of moderate age and medium-level oakiness. Mid palate the flavor turns deeply spicy. Its circular evolution throughout hits highlights of fruit, spice, vegetation and earthiness, all at the optimum moments so that the final impression is of seamless quality.

Jung & Wulff Guyana Bottle



Jung & Wulff Guyana is an 86-proof rum with a beguiling, flavorful taste profile. Widely acclaimed, it is a spectacular sipping rum to be enjoyed straight, on ice or in a delectable cocktail.


Tasting Notes

The toasted opening is rich and creamy in texture, confectionary at the start. It becomes roasted and bittersweet and slightly smoky with an undercurrent of grassiness at the midpalate. And for the finish, it just keeps revolving.

Jung & Wulff Premium Rum Barbados



Jung & Wulff Barbados is an 86-proof, full-bodied, buttery, aged rum that exemplifies its Barbados terroir. Highly acclaimed, it is widely enjoyed in cocktails, neat, or on the rocks.


Tasting Notes

Early on the palate is a range of tastes from dark chocolate, to dried fruits, to burnt sugar.  Creamy and robust, it is more bittersweet than sweet, deeply cocoa-like and deliciously rich. It is a powerful yet elegant rum true to the character of Barbados.

  • Jung & Wulff is a part of the rare and exclusive Legacy de Forge collection.

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  • Trinadad:

     “Five stars.”

    F. Paul Pacult Spirit Journal

    “Jung and Wulff Trinidad Rum flavor profile holds firmly on the sweeter side of the spectrum, but is well balanced and versatile when used in a variety of cocktails.”

    Paul Senft, Got Rum?


Bartender shaking cocktail shaker with cocktail in forefront

Rum Rickey

What You'll Need

1½ ounces Jung & Wulff Rum 

½ ounce fresh lime juice

soda water

lime wedge


Pour rum and lime juice into ice-filled highball glass.

Fill with soda water and stir.

Add lime.

Serve in a highball glass.