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Gran Gala


Gran Gala explores the world of the finest brandies of Italy and France. The name Gran Gala, which began in the port city of Triestes, Italy in 1884, conveys sophistication, elegance and artistry.

In our Gran Gala Triple Orange Liqueur you'll find a rare blend of VSOP Italian brandy infused with the rich and lively flavor of fresh oranges. It is velvety-smooth, full-bodied and sweet. Our Gran Gala Very Special Cognac is steeped in the centuries-old traditions of the Cognac region of France. The characteristics of our Gran Gala VS Cognac are vibrant floral notes, the fresh, fruity aroma of newly pressed grapes, and a hint of almonds, all on a background of gentle oak. Connoisseurs savor Gran Gala in fine cocktails, neat and on the rocks.

Gran Gala Orange Liqueur