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Uncork the beauty of Ireland with Sazerac

Black and white close up of tower of an Irish castle

Old Irish Whiskey

Quaint coffee shops, art galleries, museums, and of course pubs are waiting for you in Cork, Ireland. Home of Sazerac’s Paddy Irish Whiskey

Your Morning

Sample an Award Winning Irish Coffee

A visit to The Shelbourne Bar on MacCurtain is a must, resident bartender, Rory McGee, holds the Guiness World Record for making the most Irish Coffees in under three minutes and will make you one you won't forget. 

Traditional recipe states the ingredients as follows:

Cream - Rich as an Irish Brogue

Coffee - Strong as a Friendly Hand

Sugar - Sweet as the tongue of a Rogue

Whiskey - Smooth as the Wit of the Land

A customer picking out a meat at a street deli in Cork
Black and white closeup of Irish Coffee in Paddy glass

Your Afternoon

Kiss the Blarney Stone

If you’re brave, and want to receive the gift of gab, then visit the Blarney Castle, a short drive from Cork to kiss the blarney stone. If you would prefer to have finer things pass your lips, you might want to try a sip of Paddy’s Irish Whiskey instead.

Learn More About Paddy Irish Whiskey
Male holder female while kissing the Blarney Stone
Paddy Irish Whiskey bottle and Paddy glass on bar top

Your Evening

Cocktails in the City

Cork plays host to a number of Ireland's finest cocktail bars. The iconic "Paddy Cocktail" can be found at Cask on MacCurtain St. This famous cocktail was created by Harry Craddock and featured in the Savoy Cocktail Book published in 1930. A fine balance of Irish Whiskey, vermouth and bitters is the perfect pre theatre cocktail to start your evening. 

A bar in Cork
Black and white lineup of the ingredients for the Paddy Cocktail with castle in background

Your Late Night

Theatre, clubs and more

Arts abound in Cork; you can visit a theatre or a comedy club for a late-night show. Order a classic Irish Whiskey and Ginger.

Black and white picture of six young ladies during a ballet recital
Closeup of a whiskey and ginger cocktail with garnish

Our Global Spirit

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