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Explore the Artistry of Montréal

Black and white closeup of an Old Fashioned in a fancy glass
Front of Old Montreal Distillery

Steeped in French Culture, like Sazerac

Rich with history and modern innovation, Montréal is a cosmopolitan city in Canada’s Quebec province. Our official language is French, but you’ll find our city a linguistic mixture of English and French and an international melange of cultures to be sampled through our food, our art and our spirits.

Your Morning

Old World Meets New World

Waking up in Montreal, you’ll feel as though you’ve been transported to an old European city. The Old Port is bustling with activity. The cafes are open with the smell of dark coffees and sweet pastries. Walk along the cobblestones to experience the architectural wonders of early French settlement and experience the thriving waterfront along the St. Lawrence river.  Experience the art of blending with a tour of our Old Montreal Distillery situated at the foot of the iconic Farine Five Roses sign.

Black and white old Montreal cathedral
Closeup of a coffee in blue coffee mug and matching saucer on table

Your Afternoon

Local Fare and Artisanal Flair

After a hearty lunch and a visit to one of our world-class museums or an outdoor music festival, find a rooftop terrace to enjoy the view along with a Caribou Crossing cocktail and a board of charcuterie and cheese.

Learn About Caribou Crossing
People walking on cobblestone street in Montreal in daytime
Black and white close up of Caribou Crossing bottle with blurred buildings in the background

Your Evening

Warm up your evening

Montréal does winter better than anywhere. Instead of hiding from it, locals embrace it. Winter Montréal means winter festivals, skiing, or an exhilarating hockey game followed by a relaxing dinner and a glass of Mister Sam Tribute Whiskey.

Learn About Mister Sam
Black and white closeup of two hockey sticks going after hockey puck
Mister Sam bottle in glencairn glass on floor with barrel in background

Your Late Night

Vibrant Nightlife

With Montreal’s reputation as one of the great nightlife cities in the world, entertainment of every kind is just around the corner no matter the season. A city with something to suit every taste, whether you find yourself at a cozy bar or a raucous nightclub, try a traditional highball made your way, with Seagram’s V.O. Canadian Whisky.

Learn About Seagram's V.O.
Inside of a Montreal speakeasy with a red hue
Black and white image of two tall cocktail glasses on table with lemon slices in each and whole lemons on table

Our Global Spirit

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