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Discover Sazerac's London

Artisanal cocktail on table with crisp apple slice
London's Tower Bridge

From quintessentially English spirits to top mixology experiences

London is recognized globally as one of the top mixology and bar scenes providing diverse, new and fun experiences. There’s a bar with a cocktail to suit everyone’s taste. It is also host to the great British traditions of a pint of ale in a cosy British pub, tucked away on bustling streets, and a classic London Dry gin and tonic, now available with a diverse array of botanical expressions including Booths gin.

Your Morning

Explore London’s History and Culture

Start your day with that great British tradition of a full English breakfast to set you up for a full day of exploring all London has to offer. Steeped in history, with fantastic food and drink experiences on every street corner.

Black and white traditional English breakfast plate on table with person reading newspaper
The Elephants Head Camden

Your Afternoon

Afternoon Tea in Style

Another great British tradition and a wonderful way to spend an afternoon in London. Choose from one of London’s luxury hotels or classic department stores such as Fortnum and Mason where you can also sample a wonderful range of spirits from around the world and purchase a memento such as a bottle of stunning Sazerac Rye.

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Black and white closeup of Sazerac Rye bottle on barrel

Your Evening

Experience the Last Drop of Something Special

London is home to The Last Drop Distillers, curators of the world’s most remarkable spirits. Seek out a taste of something truly rare and delectable: whether it’s a 50 year old Single Malt Scotch Whisky, or a taste of an astonishing Cognac from 1925, discovered hidden in a barn deep in the heart of the Cognac region, which yielded only 182 bottles. The Last Drop is constantly on the hunt to discover wonderful old spirits with one criterion: they must be absolutely delicious!

Learn More About The Last Drop
Black and white wall of Last Drop barrels
Last Drop bottle and neat pour in glencairn glass on table with notebook in the background

Your Late Night

The London Late Night Scene

You are spoiled for choice for a late night out in London whatever you are looking for, music, theatre, dance or fine dining or immersive experiences, there will be a late-night spot to meet your needs. If you love your rock music you will often find a shot of Fireball cinnamon whisky available to ignite your night!

Find Your Fireball Whisky
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